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The Tom Bosley ExperienceThe Tom Bosley Experience

The Tom Bosley Experience are Peter Lewis and Sean Murgatroyd. They met in Tauranga, New Zealand in the late eighties and there they did some of the important parts of their growing up together. They are very fortunate that this friendship continues to this day despite life's rocky road. Music was always a part of their friendship, and in the early days they listened to skater punk, metal, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (endlessly) and more.

Some time in the nineties they were both living in Auckland and it was in a training studio in Parnell that they cut their first track, a very angry anarchist statement that ended with Sean righteously baaing in imitation of the sheep that inhabited the world with him. Since then they have found more urbane ways to express themselves creatively, and their music has evolved into a melodic-pop influenced ambient sound with an experimental outlook, increasingly loungy undertones and a taste for weird and amusing samples.

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The Tom Bosley Experience - Remix Picnic, 2007REMIX PICNIC, 2008

The Tom Bosley Experience are proud to announce the launch of their new album, Remix Picnic.

Their sound has always held a curious niche within Kiwi electronica. Tracks have ranged from the poppy-joyous through jazz improv to darkside with a self-loathing edge. On the way they’ve met and mingled with similarly minded musicians and gained a few friends on the way.

It’s here that you can hear the outcome of those friendships in the form of remix tracks by a number of the artists they’ve come to know.

Included are the destructive noise of Sick Cycle, Romantech’s trademark intelligent DnB, the electro-punk stylings of rising star SoNic Smith, kitchen-sink downbeat from Sharkweek, lush electronica from Stray Theories, the glitchy melancholia of Hummel, and the glacial dub experiments of Thalidomide Dog.

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1. The Gasmask Lounge - 'War In My Head Mix' by Stray Theories (2:40)
2. Self Examination Circus - 'Drum And Bass Mix' by Romantech (5:49)
3. Uncle Tom's Lodge - 'Carpet Is Our Life Mix' by Sharkweek (4:28)
4. Too Late For Prozac - 'Sick Cycle Mix' by Sick Cycle (5:48)
5. Cheese-O-Riffic! - 'Lego-Femme Mix' by SoNic Smith (5:03)
6. You Believe Me Don't You? - 'Dark Satanic Mills Mix' by Sharkweek (5:28)
7. Welcome To My Ultraworld - 'Underwhelk Mix' by Hummel (4:50)
8. Mr Squarefish - 'Red Sheds In Space Ambient Mix' by Sharkweek (6:57)
9. My Ignorance Of Dairy - 'Numquam Lactis Dub Mix' by Thalidomide Dog (6:44)
10. The Latest In Gentlemen's Accessories - 'Gentlemen Accessorized Mix' by Thalidomide Dog (4:25)


The Tom Bosley Experience - Who's Your Daddy?, 2007WHO'S YOUR DADDY?, 2007

Weighing in at a healthy 12 tracks, "Who's Your Daddy?" is a rosy-cheeked joy to both his/her parents.

Less experimental and lo-fi than our debut, more mature and focussed, but still with the same ambient soundscapes, humourous samples and irresistible pop hooks you've come to know and love.

"Imagine the technicolour landscape of the dream world - a place where the sweetest smiles mask sinister intentions and madness is just beyond the next rolling hill.

"Who's Your Daddy" offers a surreal soundtrack fitting the complexity of inner-space with musical themes both silly and sublime. "My Ignorance of Dairy" features an elegantly cheerful melody snaking seamlessly over sultry vocals, bump and grind beats and the rhythmic hand clap of an unseen voyeur. "Too Late for Prozac" takes an introspective turn in the manner of 80s dark wave and "When the Running is Done" is as dreamy as the perfect summer twilight of our collective childhoods.

It's as evocative as it is eclectic, a dazzling collage woven of layered keys, syncopated beats and deftly chosen samples. This is the stuff that dreams are made of, sometimes innocent, sometimes devious - and always more vibrant than our mundane waking world."

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1. When The Running Is Done (4:49)
2. Cheese-O-Riffic! (3:18)
3. Too Late For Prozac (4:05)
4. Self Examination Circus (3:23)
5. My Ignorance Of Dairy (6:27)
6. Red Light Runner (2:48)


7. With Love From Tom (1:30)
8. Studfinger (4:06)
9. You Believe Me, Don’t You? (7:15)
10. Welcome To My Ultraworld (4:33)
11. Mr Squarefish (4:10)
12. Welcome To My Ultraworld (Hummel’s Underwhelk Remix) (4:50)


The Tom Bosley Experience - The Spark Of Inspiration, 2004THE SPARK OF INSPIRATION, 2004

The debut album, recorded over a period of ten years. The TBE would urge you to listen to it on a number of levels: as simply good music (which they not-so-humbly believe it to be); as humorous social commentary; and as evocative music bringing their inner lives to you and hopefully enriching yours.

"As a stab in the dark at indeed being remarkable visionaries The Tom Bosley Experience could've tripped, but their The Spark Of Inspiration (Nectar Rectory) album is something of a triumph ... The Spark Of Inspiration is a curly, electronic assault they unravel ... with the right vantage point it's clear that TTBE can reflect the artful disposition of the generations."

"I think your music is like the audio equivalent of a three-way between Bettie Page, Morticia Adams and Axl Rose in the Merry-go-Round bar at Circus Circus with little green aliens serving as cherubs smiling down from up on high. And spaceships. And Jesus.

There's a general sense of humour about all this that is wonderful! One of the highlights of the night was when I popped into McDonalds to use the loo with White Cookie serving as the soundtrack. It was brilliant! Waltzing into the flourescent lights past a plastic statue of Ronald McDonald to the tune of hand claps, waves crashing, seagulls and the dulcet tones of someone singing "White Coooooooookie....I wanna get to know youuuuuuuuuuu" made me giggle out loud. "

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1. The Gasmask Lounge (4.59)
2. The Weekend Song (2.57)
3. Oh Mr Sheffield! (Monsters Of Rock Mix) (3.08)
4. Invincible Summer (3.29)
5. The Latest In Gentlemen's Accessories (3.36)
6. White Cookie (4.18)
7. Red Green 'N' Gold Cookie (3.26)
8. Kongo Kats (Jungle Drums Instrumental Mix) (2.40)
9. Mantis Out Of Hell (4.12)
10. Uncle Tom's Lodge (4.20)
11. Evil Bear (5.21)
12. No Reference To Fish (4.01)
13. Oh Mr Sheffield! (Wo-Wo Dub Mix) (2.40)
14. Their Hands Are Not Wings (2.28)
15. Thickarse (2.17)
16. The Day Raoul Knifed Nana Horst (1.13)

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