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Sharkweek - Gimme Gimme Shark Treatment album, 2010Sharkweek

Sharkweek is the brainchild and solo project of Dunedin, New Zealand, artist and musician Peter Lewis.

Debut album "The Hammerhead Nebula" was released in 2006 to positive praise:

"Layers of keyboard wash form convection currents through which primitive drum machine rhythms clatter. Spoken vocal snippets introduce galaxial and other themes while a prowling keyboard bass glues things together. Sharkweek pulls back from the brink of chaotic overload to simmer with a repressed mania and the effect is serotonin re-uptake inhibition."


In 2008 the second album, "Egyptian Lions" was released, offering similarly lush soundscapes punctuated with surreal samples, playful melodies and manipulated found sounds. The musical themes drift between ambient, pop and dub. The songs are sometimes dreamy, sometimes deliriously playful. There's obvious evidence of Lewis' musical growth, yet it's also familiar enough to be unmistakeably 'Sharkweek'.

"A mystical journey through lands afar ... trippy soundscapes, psychedelic ambient dub, futuristic space adventures and glitchy electro pop .. an ear orgasm of sounds that twist and turn evolving into a collection of songs that is intriguing, beautiful and a dose of epic electro trippiness. It has an otherworldly feel, yet is warm and inviting, like friendly aliens .. it's a trek into the deep dark unknown."

"Sharkweek creates worlds within which any number of stories may be told. Listening to the tracks on this album will educate the senses and reorient one’s views to the vast possibilities the ambient mode can bring."


2010 sees the release of not one but TWO remix collections! The first is "Gimme Gimme Shark Treatment" - other NZ electronic artists - and the Illtronics from New York - are given the Sharkweek treatment and have their original tracks seriously warped. Ranging from progressive trance to ambient soundscapes both light and dark, from psychedelic lounge music to weirdo funky hip hop, this album has something for everyone.

"Sharkweek's first official collection of remixes for other artists will satisfy and surprise at the same time, With this collection, he takes on 7 diverse original pieces, dissects them, and puts them back together but not before applying his very own signature "Shark treatment" touch. There's hints of the familiar ambient and psychedelic sound-scapes in "Part Of Me" and "Far From Comfort" while on the other end of the scale, "Wii Break" is a serious full-on dance-floor assault. "Harmonia" is one of the standouts here - this gradually ascending journey of over 11 minutes starts out as deep, moody and intoxicated, but by the end is nothing but uplifting. Highly recommended listening from one of Dunedin's finest."

The second album is the much-anticipated "Shark N Taties". Eleven original Sharkweek tracks have been sliced, diced, liberally sauced, thoroughly chewed and then colourfully regurgitated by a range of NZ electronica artists.

From the playful fidget house of Haszari to the take-no-prisoners dark and heavy dubstep of Sick Cycle, from the lush ambient dub of Invader Tron to the minimal tech of nsu, this album has something for everyone.

As well as being a collection of new interpretations of old songs, this album also celebrates one of the greatest things about electronic music in New Zealand: the wonderful sense of community, networking, mutual encouragement, collaboration, and general swapping of ideas that we have here.


Spheres of inspiration for Sharkweek include outer space, all manner of pop culture, and infomercials. Musical influence comes from varied sources such as The Orb, Future Sound Of London, Orbital, Boards Of Canada, Lemon Jelly, Astralasia, Banco de Gaia, and New Zealand luminaries like Module and Pitch Black. This eclectic mix, coupled with some stellar guest appearances from other musicians makes for an evocative and sometimes surprising listening experience.

Visit the Sharkweek Myspace page to hear tracks from his albums.

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