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Electrode Records is proud to present it's first collection of kiwi electronica.
Despite our unshakeable association with sheep, New Zealanders have never been content to simply follow the flock. Ever since technology made it possible to create rich and multi-instrumented music at home, kiwis have been tinkering in their sheds, innovating and refining.

This compilation collects some of the best and most individual electronic music made in New Zealand in recent years. Subtitled "Scenes From New Zealand's Electronic Underground", it aims to stimulate and encourage the electronic scene as much as it does to represent it. One side-effect of music created in bedrooms and home studios tends to be isolation - no one knows what anyone else is doing unless they make the effort to find out. This leads to some exciting innovations and techniques, but with the huge scope for collaboration and mutual remixing that electronic music offers, it's a shame to let opportunities slip by.

From the lush orchestration of Refrag and the slick upbeat electronica of Module, to the surreal mutant lounge music of the Tom Bosley Experience and the electro-rock fusion of Flying Dreamz, to the impossibly happy pop of Disasteradio and the Casiotone kitsch of Golden Axe, this compilation has something for everyone!

'Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep' is available at Real Groovy stores nationwide, Galaxy Records in Christchurch, Marbecks in Auckland, and Slowboat Records in Wellington.

NZ$15 in NZ - shipping included
US$15 overseas - shipping included


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1. Up And Down Like A Whore's Drawers by Refrag
2. In The Air by Emerald Green
3. A Beautiful Day In Cyberspace by Module
4. Garden Party by Sharkweek
5. SeaVoyage by AmbientSpace
6. The Gasmask Lounge by the Tom Bosley Experience
7. Chi by Gastro
8. Electric Ghetto by Grusome
9. Millenium Party by Flying Dreamz
10. Insekto-Sex (0900 Satan Mix) by Dekline
11. Musicbox by Hieronymus Bosch
12. Bomb Scene Redux by Disasteradio
13. Lunch Break by Golden Axe
14. Stop Killing Dolphins by Wendyhouse

The official bio notes for refrag read like absurdist short stories. Some of the band members are murdered during a Salvation Army charismas party. Additional band members are incarcerated for unethical scientific studies. Assuming that none of this is true, who really makes this unique and genre-bending music?

Desmond Murphy is the electronic orchestra behind refrag. When forced to comment, he says, "Maybe it's a bit odd and some folks like it? I like music that doesn't sound like anything you heard before but not so mad that it has no reference." The titles and lyrics of his compositions are often certainly of black humor variety, and a careful listener will sometimes note just a touch of silliness in much of what refrag does.


Emerald Green
"Emerald Green is dance music that's not dance, catchy music that's not pop and pop music that doesn't make sense - I call this music Psychedlic Electro Trippy Pop".
Emerald Green is the solo project of Mel Smith, who started self-producing music in her bedroom in early 2004.
Mel's love of bands such as New Order, Human League and other synth/beat filled songs of the 80's, inspired her to write songs with a more modern approach to this sound. "It's important for people to be able to dance to my songs, I feel there's nothing worse than standing still and listening to songs that you like, songs that you want to move to, but you can't because that beat just isn't there".
Aside from her music aspirations, Mel is well known for her band/gig photography (http://melsphotos.tripod.com) for publications including Rip It Up, Pavement, The Package, Grooveguide and Cheese On Toast.

Photo by Andrew Geekboy


Module delivers a tasty selection of dreamy atmospherics, big phat beats, pulsing basslines trippy vocals and effects galore not to mention crazy keyboard solos, percussion, guitars, violins, and just about anything else that makes a noise. Just always searching for the perfect beat.
Module is the live solo electronic project of Jeramiah Ross, who has performed in bands, Rhombus & sense_ and supported The Blackseeds, Pitch Black and many other, as well as constantly touring around NZ and writing a stupid amount of music.
Known among friends as that crazy fulla with the lightning fingers, module just loves to have fun and write phat beats and dreamy dub hop.
He is also part of Rhian Sheehan's live band on keyboards / samples and mixing duties along with Jess Chambers & Kirsten Johnstone.

Sharkweek is the solo project of Peter Lewis from the Tom Bosley Experience. Better for known for his collage art (as seen on the cover of this CD), Peter likes to create music using similar methods - collecting sounds from disparate sources and layering them together to interesting or unusual effect, all held together with bass and beats from the excellent ReBirth software.


AmbientSpace is a project by Christopher Mills. It is an exploration of soundscapes, tone and rhythm created in a small bedroom studio near Wellington. Main influences on AmbientSpace include classic electronic music from the 70's through to today, rhythm and structure from the Middle East, and a heavy dose of the lovely cheesy sounds that 80's music has to offer. It's my hope that the music of AmbientSpace takes you places.

The Tom Bosley Experience
The Tom Bosley Experience were raised by wolves. The Tom Bosley Experience discovered the lost treasures of Tut-Ankh-Amun. The Tom Bosley Experience achieved the title of Hierophant in druidic circles and were killed by Romans for it. The Tom Bosley Experience is a swarm of nanolocusts infecting the telephone networks with madness and filth.
All that, and they're a couple of nice guys too.
In their current spatiotemporal focus, The TBE are Auckland musician Sean Murgatroyd and Dunedin sound engineer and musician Peter Lewis. Their style is varied, but centres around the ambient experience. They have just released their first album, "The Spark of Inspiration" and are making rapid progress towards their second.
If you are interested in finding out more about The Tom Bosley Experience, please go to their website: www.tombosleyexperience.com
The Tom Bosley Experience. Love us. Fear us. Buy our album. Have a nice day.

Gastro (aka Steve Baker) subjected Dunedin, Palmerston North and Wellington with his own style of warped and quirky breakbeat. He is currently in a millennial induced hibernation.

Grusome is a Wellington based producer of electro-pop, drum n' bass and other random electronic music. He has been making music for around 4 years, using both software and an ever-growing collection of synthesizers, drum machines and vintage computers.
Grusome's music tends to mash genres, taking influence from techno and breakbeat styles, as well as punk and indie rock.
His other projects include DJing various types of music, and promoting underground dance parties under his 'Aerial Piracy' banner.
Grusome is a firm believer in the use of open source software, and supports the free (or cheap) distribution of music over the internet.

Flying Dreamz
Flying Dreamz is the left wing of Planet Paris - Electronic / Ambient / Trance music featuring: Don McKenzie - programming, keys, guitars, bass, percussion and vocals, and Nikki Donovan: vocals and guitar.
Don McKenzie started his first band GRIM LTD at high school in Palmerston North, singing and playing bass. His next band, Christchurch's SALVATION, released a D. McK original "I'd Rather Be Asleep" in 1969.
Many bands later he released two solo albums, LIFE IN A CLOSED SYSTEM (1987) and FLYING DREAMS (1989).
Moving to the West Coast to tutor Audio Engineering at Polytech in Greymouth, Don met singer-songwriter Nikki Donovan (b. 1960) and formed Planet Paris.
They released two albums - CROSS THE LINE (1998) and OUT OF THE BLUE (2003), recorded at Inland Sea Studios and available from Inland Sea Records, P O Box 189, Greymouth, New Zealand.

Dekline was founded in March 2004 by Kier Fitzpatrick. Experimenting with multiple audio-creation platforms, Reason was put to use to create a foundation. Dekline derives from heavy guitar overtones and dark industrial rock, however half of the project has spawned into an electronica binge. Though there are heavy elements of electro-clash, ebm and industrial bands such as Skinny Puppy, NIN & Apoptygma Berzerk in the electronic side of Dekline, inspiration is drawn from the likes of Motley Crue, Iron Maiden & Slayer.
Shane Hickmore joined as lead vocalist in May 2004 however is not involved with the remix projects. Shane provides the vocal edge to Dekline that crosses the line of industrial into electro-clash/rock'n roll.
Dekline now consists of a six-piece live act including the likes of Madmat (ex-manager of American glam-rock band "All the Pretty Horses") & Brenny O (Puppeteers of Hatred)."

Hieronymus Bosch
The enigmatic Hieronymus Bosch have been in existence since 1985 making them New Zealand's longest running and little-known-about dark experimental / Industrial group.
The sound of Hieronymus Bosch is that of many combined and overlayed sounds, both electronic and acoustic are utilised to create rhythm of various light and dark moods and conceptual explorations. Sometimes haunting and atmospheric, sometimes intense, abrasive and nightmarish.
'Dark & brooding Nightmarescapes throb and writhe like wounded serpents, choking and ebbing painfully in formation across the desolate plains in the world of Hieronymus Bosch. Sinister moods develop and disturb the inner senses. Moulding electronic pulsing rhythmic waves and samples with acoustic/organic sound sculpting, overlaid with the darkest of vocal spectres. Hieronymus Bosch explore the darkest of Netherworlds, bringing to life the dreams and visions produced in all of us. The inner light is held forward to greet the darkness. Aural masterpieces.' Audioglobe - Italy

DISASTERADIO is a band consisting of LUKE ROWELL and COMPUTER. They have been creating ELECTROCK since 2000 and have enjoyed over 30 live gigs and four albums. DISASTERADIO has played with bands including but in no way limited to Die! Die! Die!, Phoenix Foundation, The Mint Chicks, Atom & His Package, Cortina,This Night Creeps, The Fanatics, and Goldenaxe.

Golden Axe
Hi, Golden Axe is an Auckland based keyboard duo featuring the talents of Chris Cudby and Dave King. How are you? Our "Golden Shakehands LP" CD is currently available.
They also present the awesome 2 Dollar Sho on Fleet FM (88.3 in Auckland and 107.3 in Wellington), every Tuesday between 7 and 9 pm.

Apart from the sci-fi and toys of their 1992 debut, Wendyhouse have installed listening booths in galleries, played sites as varied as the Raglan Kindergarten and the Gathering 2000, appeared on the soundtrack to Demons during a strip scene, and most often; indulged lady fate in sound-games of chance.
Wendyhouse, PO Box 27527, WGTN, NZ. stinkispinkis@yahoo.com stinkispinkis@yahoo.com

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